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OFFISTOCK - office . furniture . sorted
OFFISTOCK - office . furniture . sorted

Offistock is happy to offer a "try before you buy" service...

Often with a high value or large quantity enquiry a "test drive" is required to assess suitability.
Offistock is happy to offer a "try before you buy" service. We are able to dispatch a new product that meets your exact criteria upon sample approval. Please get in touch below to see how we can help you find that perfect fit.

Sample Request Submission Form...

Although we invoice as normal upon dispatch, if we are notified within 14 days that the product is to be returned, we will arrange for an uplift of the products & shortly after receiving the goods we will provide a full credit refund (subject to the goods being in original condition and packaging).

Please note that this service is available for seating only & a £24.95+ VAT uplift and restocking fee is applicable per item (UK Mainland).

Terms and Conditions: 

1. The Seller may, in its discretion, send out sample chairs on request from a Buyer whether to the Buyer itself or to a customer of the Buyer, in which case the provisions of this clause 18 shall apply.

2. The Buyer must return or procure the return of sample items such that they are in the Seller’s possession within seven business days of delivery to the Buyer or its customer. If they are not so returned, the Buyer shall be presumed to have made an offer to buy the sample items at their full list price (subject to the Conditions in this document) which Offer the Seller shall be presumed to have accepted that the end of the seventh business day and the Seller shall raise an invoice to the Buyer for the amount due including any delivery charges.

3. If the Buyer requests the Seller to collect the sample items and the request is received by the Seller within seven business days of their delivery, the Buyer will be required to pay the transport costs of a minimum of £20.00 per order collection charge. Full price will be on application. The Buyer (in consultation with its customer if appropriate) must cooperate with the Seller to agree a suitable collection date. Such date to be no longer than 14 business days from the date of delivery of the sample items unless the Seller so agrees . The sample items must be packaged in original packaging or packaging able to protect the product in transit otherwise the Seller or its appointed courier will refuse to take them away.

4. The Seller or its appointed courier will only attempt to collect once. If the Buyer’s customer is not in, the parcels are inadequately packaged, or the driver is told there is nothing to collect then the Buyer will be charged a minimum of £10 per order failed collection charge. Full price on application. The provisions of clause will apply immediately such that the Buyer shall be presumed to have made an Offer to purchase the sample chairs which the Buyer shall be presumed to have accepted, thereby giving rise to a binding contract for the Buyer to buy the sample chairs subject to the Conditions in this document.

5. If sample items supplied under this clause are made available for collection but in packaging other than that in which they were originally delivered, the Buyer will be charged £10 per box as a fixed contribution to the cost of re-packaging the sample items upon their return.

6. If, upon inspection following its return, a sample item is found to be damaged and the damage is such that it cannot be offered for sale either at all or without repair, then the Buyer shall be required to pay the Seller either the list price of the sample chair (if it is not economical to repair the same) or the cost of repair whichever is the lower.

7. Sample Request is subject to availability and application and is not applicable on all stock lines. Please get in touch to find out more.