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Top tips for working from home

Top tips for working from home

Home working? You've got it nailed.

On 4th January, the Prime Minister announced new government guidelines stating that employers should continue to enable to support their staff to work from home wherever possible. 

In light of the latest COVID government guidance, it is important to set ourselves and our staff up for success for the home office environment. Here are our top tips for nailing the home-office:

1. Personalise your workstation

Studies have shown that a pleasant working environment directly effects how happy and productive you are. Find yourself a quiet space (if at all possible) to set up your desk, chair, a nice plant and suitable screen to get you started. As tempting as it is to stay in bed all day, your back will thank you later!

2. Establish a routine

Working from home means the line between work and home life can become blurred. Wake up at the same time everyday, take a shower and dress for "work". Make time for a proper lunch break and give your eyes a rest from the screen at regular intervals. When the working day is done, sit back on your sofa, switch off your devices and stop checking those emails! 

3. Get comfortable

Invest in a quality, comfortable posture chair that enables you to sit properly at your desk without causing pain and discomfort. If you're going to be at your desk for 8+ hours a day and are looking for something a bit more hard-wearing, why not try our heavy duty range for a chair that will last and look incredible for years. Check out the NHS guidelines on how to set up your desk.

4. Stay active

Working from home means you might be spending a lot more time without moving your body. If you're feeling stiff or tense, try doing some light stretching or exercise with a 10-minute home workout. This not only improves your overall mood but your brain will be receiving more blood-flow which will help productivity and mental focus. 

5. Stay connected

Human interaction matters, so make sure to schedule video calls and phone calls with colleagues and arranging virtual meetings to boost yours and their mental health, as well as getting those ideas flowing! Remember to check in on your colleagues and see how they are doing. Everyone is going through a difficult time so it is important that we support each other.


Please note: information is correct at the time of publication. If you have any queries or questions about protecting yourself against COVID 19 or safeguarding the future of your workplace, please get in touch with us.






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