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OFFISTOCK - office . furniture . sorted
Liven your office space

Liven your office space

Studies have shown that the environment that we work in has a direct effect on your productivity and overall mental wellbeing and happiness.

If your workspace is dull, unexciting and uncomfortable, Offistock has the answer to creating a functional office that inspires that you will actually enjoy spending time in.

These tips will help you liven up your workspace and feel good about your working environment.

Design a unique break out space

Give your staff a cool and refreshing break room and improve the office environment with some of Offistock's fun and colourful sofa designs. Sofa's like our booth-style sofa above come in a range of colours and sizes. 


Executive chairs

Add a pop of colour

Colours such as blue and green have been proven to lift the mood and improve mental health. Why not try coordinating your new office or you can choose from a myriad of bright and neutral colours from our wide range.


Be bold with your furniture design

Why not add a playful touch to encourage new ideas and creative thinking? These stunning origami chairs make a great talking point that you can't help but smile when you see them.

Standing desks 

Change the way you think about offices

Medical experts claim that sitting is the new smoking and humans are not designed to be sat down all day. Perhaps your team could try using a standing desk to help their posture and encourage creative thinking? We can a robust range to suit any work environment.


Get organised

No one feels motivated by a pile of messy papers on your desk with no way of knowing what needs actioning and when. Get yourself organised and clear your desk (and head) with these stylish document filing systems.

Break it up 

The most recent decade has seen a massive increase in open-plan offices. Human nature is to be social and discuss thoughts and ideas but sometimes you need a space to take a call or section off a relaxation area. These hard-wearing partitions help create working zones in your office and give a contemporary feel.  

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